Curse of the Black Pearl

Chapter 1: Captain Jack Sparrow

Summary : Jack and Joshame Gibbs escape guards on Port Royal and battle William Turner in his blacksmith.

Boss: Will Turner

Chapter 2: Siege of Port Royal

Summary: After Jack Sparrow is arrested, the crew of the Black Pearl under Hector Barobossa attacks Port Royal. Will Turner and the English soldiers work to fight off the attacking pirates.

Characters: Will Turner, James Norrington

Boss: Jacoby

Chapter 3: Interceptor vs. Pearl

Summary: Will and Elizabeth have escaped from the Isla De Muerta with Gibbs and the others, though the Black Pearl is in close pursuit with Jack as their prisoner. A battle ensues when the ships go to face each other.

Characters: Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Joshamee Gibbs, Anamaria, Cotton, Marty

Boss: Bo'sun

Chapter 4: Isla De Muerta

Summary: Jack, Will, and the crew finally reach the Isla De Muerta. Jack and Will go onto the island to find and rescue Elizabeth from the clutches of the crew of the Black Pearl.

Characters: Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann

Boss: Pintel and Ragetti

Chapter 5: Hector Barbossa

Summary: With most of the undead pirates attacking the HMS Dauntless Jack Sparrow finally reveals that he has had no intentions to help Barbossa. With Will and Elizabeth he battles Barbossa and his crew to end his reign of terror over the Caribbean.

Characters: Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann

Boss: Hector Barbossa

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