True Pirate

This occurs when players reach a certain amount of LEGO Studs in a level once players have reached the total however many studs they lose after gaining the "True Pirate" Status will not effect it. You receive a Gold Brick at the end of the level for achieving this.(This status is possible in Free Play and Story Mode but you will only get 1 gold brick for the first time True Pirate is achieved).

There is also an achievement(Pieces of Eight) on Xbox 360 and PS3 for gaining "True Pirate" on all levels!


  • Use at least a 2x multiplier to get the max amount of studs (View Red Hat to see how to get this). With enough multipliers used in conjunction along with a stud magnet, you can achieve True Pirate status where you stand at the start of some levels.
  • Smash everything in sight to get more studs. Some items that don't break when hit give more studs every time you hit them (until they do break).
  • Some things you have to build can be smashed after using them to give you more studs.
  • Try to not die in the game to get more gold. However, once True Pirate status is achieved, losing studs through dying to get under the True Pirate amount won't make you lose True Pirate status.
  • Some enemies break into studs when killed.
  • Achieving True Pirate on each level is a good way to work toward the Pieces of Eight achievement on Xbox 360 and PS3.