Gibbs holding the banana and will with the bone

Throughout Story Mode and Free Play levels, you can find special objects, some with the use of Jack's Compass that help you proceed through the game.

Some of these are:

  • Apple: Tame horses or pigs to let you ride them or toss them as projectile weapons.
  • Banana: Bend the feeble minds of monkeys to your will.
  • Bone: Control the Guard Dog.
  • Carrot: Makes you able to ride donkeys.
  • Cursed Aztec Gold Coin: Get cursed and be able to walk underwater... does not seem to make you invulnerable to harm.
  • Lanterns: Light the way, though usually not necessary. Scares away tentacles.
  • Shovel: Dig up items. Or hit people if you want to have a laugh.
  • Torch: Light fires and cannons, and ignite dynamite. Or just light the way.
  • Wheels: And other parts to drive mechanisms.

Other objects must be placed on green plates where they collapse into parts to build different items with.

-Still other objects aren't as special and can be used as weapons (such as bottles, fish, coconuts, spears and most of the items above) or provide a change of head gear (like helmets, masks and even part of the bone cage in the first level of DMC!) these are usually found just lying around not so much hidden, though sometimes Jack's compass points you to them, too.