Jack Sparrow is the main character in Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Video Game.

Jack Sparrow

Lego Jack

Jack is dueling to the death for the key to the Dead Man’s Chest. He’ll have to be sneakier than ever to get control of that key and make a break for it before the other pirates have him in pieces.

Undead Jack Sparrow


Undead Captain Jack Sparrow is the pirate that everyone is after, and he’s happy to be so popular. Although he’s always getting captured, he uses his sharp wit to keep his bricks together and pull off his crazy schemes, but just barely. On Isle De Muerta he battles with Barbossa and his crew to lift the curse of the Black Pearl and free him from his skeleton prison.

Cost: 100,000 Studs

Cannibal Jack Sparrow

Lego-Cannibal Jack Sparrow

Cannibal Jack Sparrow is a tribal god in minifigure form when he’s visiting Isla de Pelegostos, home of the cannibals. He’s happy to sit on a tropical throne and rule as chief of this tribe- until the natives try to roast his bricks! 

Captain Jack Sparrow

Lego-Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow is hardly ever seen without his Tricorne hat, one of his few prized possessions. His many enemies love to pop it off and use it to bribe him since he never leaves it behind…for long. Jack keeps his hat on for most of the game. His hat does seem to pop off a lot but he always picks it up.


Lego Pirates of the Caribbean - Part 2 of Isla Cruces07:16

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean - Part 2 of Isla Cruces

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