The Gunner Zombie is an undead crewman of the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Brought back from the dead and a loyal servant to the brickthirsty Captain Blackbeard, he’ll make intruders wish they had never tried to tangle with his ship. He is also an enemy in The Ride level.

On Stranger Tides

On Stranger Tides is so far the only movie chapter Gunner appears in. He is an enemy character, but is unlockable for play.


Gunner is a useful one. He is a superstrong character, and can walk underwater, as can all Zombies.

Lego-Queen Anne’s Revenge Crewmen Gunner Zombie is a Crewmember Onboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge !


Lego pirates gunner still

Lego pirates gunner still 2

Lego pirates gunner still 3


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