These are the controls for gaming controllers.

Wii Controls

Menu Controls

Action Controls
Wii Remote Move the cursor to highlight an option
A Button Select the highlighted option

Game Controls

Action Controls
Control Stick Move Character
Wii Remote Aim,tilt,shake,swing
A Button Jump
B Button Attack
C Button Tag
Z Button Build/Interact
+ Button Pause
1 Button Cycle through Characters
2 Button Cycle through Characters

Xbox 360 Controls

Menu Controls

Start Menu Controls
X Button Move the cursor to highlight an option
Left Stick Select the highlighted option

Xbox 360 Controls

Action Controls
Left Stick Move Character/Hightlight menu option/Move target.
Xbox Guide Dashboard Menu
A Button Jump
B Button Build/Interact
X Button Attack, Hold to target.
Y Button Tag Character/Hold to bring up character wheel.
Start Button Pause/In Game Options
Right Toggle/Right Trigger Character Toggle
Left Toggle/Right Trigger Character Toggle

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