These are levels of Dead Man's Chest .

Chapter 1: Isla De Pelegostos

Summary: When Will and Elizabeth are placed under arrest by Lord Cutler Beckett, he offers them clemancy if Will brings him Jack's compass. Taking this oppurtunity Will searches for Jack in Tortuga and eventually finds the Black Pearl on the Isla De Pelegostos. Will gets there and is attacked by its Cannibal inhabitants and locked up with the other crew members by order of Chief Jack Sparrow! He learns from Gibbs that the Pelegostos think that Jack is a god in human form and are going to eat him. They escape from their prison and go to save Jack.

Characters: Will Turner, Joshamee Gibbs, Cotton, Marty

Chapter 2: The Flying Dutchman

Summary: After learning from the voodoo priestess Tia Dalma the location of the Flying Dutchman, Jack and Will sail there and go onto the ghostly ship.

Characters: Will Turner, Jack Sparrow

Boss: Clanker

Chapter 3: Bar Brawl

Summary: Elizabeth and the disgraced Norrington get into a brawl with some of the men at the bar.

Characters: Elizabeth Swann, James Norrington (Pirate)

Chapter 4: Duel for the Key

Summary: After finding the chest Jack and Will work together to try and keep the key from Norrington who wants to use it for his own gain.

Characters: Jack Sparrow, Will Turner

Boss: James Norrington (Pirate)

Chapter 5: The Kraken

Summary: As the crew of the Black Pearl tries to make its escape Davy Jones summons the Kraken to drag Jack and the Black Pearl into the depths.

Characters: Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swannn, Joshamee Gibbs, Cotton, Marty

Boss: Kraken

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