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At World's End

Chapter 1: Singapore

Summary: Barbossa and Elizabeth go to the bathhouse of Singapore crime lord and pirate Sao Feng to arrange a deal to get the charts that lead to Davy Jones' locker, and a ship to take them there. But the deal goes awry.

Characters: Hector Barbossa, Elizabeth Swann, Will Turner

Boss: Sao Feng

Chapter 2: Betrayals

Summary: Sao Feng captures the Black pearl and turns it into Cutler Beckett who speaks to Jack and they begin to arrange a deal. Meanwhile, the crew of the Black Pearl managed to bring Sao Feng to their side after Beckett goes back on a deal he made with him about giving him the Pearl. With Sao's help, they fight to escape from Beckett's men.

Characters: Hector Barbossa, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Joshamee Gibbs, Cotton, Marty

Boss: Mercer

Chapter 3: The Dutchman Attacks

Summary: As Sao Feng speaks to Elizabeth in his quarters the Flying Dutchman catches up to the Empress and attacks, killing Sao Feng with a cannonball. He makes her captain and she leads the counterattack against Davy Jones' men.

Characters: Elizabeth Swann, Tai Huang

Boss: Eel

Boss: Bootstrap Bill

Chapter 4: The Brethren Court

Summary: Jack and the others must collect the nine pirate lords.

Characters: Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Hector Barbossa

Chapter 5: Davy Jones

Summary: Jack escapes from the brig of the Flying Dutchman and manages to grab the chest. Alongside Will, Elizabeth, and Bootstrap Bill he battles the dreaded Davy Jones in a final battle.

Characters: Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Bootstrap Bill

Boss: Davy Jones

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